Fishman TriplePlay issues HELP!
2013-12-17 03:11:55 UTC
I recently picked up a Fishman Triple Play. The tracking is unreal. I have used an AXON AX-50 with RMC's for years and didn't think it could get much better. Was I wrong! The tracking and feel is so great that I want to phase out the Axon completely ,but In order to do that I need to replace my Axon patches with FTP patches ( fret/string split). This is where I'm running in to problems

First I'll give a rundown of what I'm using and how it seems to interact with the FTP.
The DAW I use is Renoise. My major problem is with " fret-split". (I'm not to concerned with string split so far because I can simply send MIDI on different channels to achieve this).
Which brings me to my first question. When I go to trigger a synth within Renoise I can get the whole fret board to play using OMNI (or "any" as Renoise puts it). If I send from any other channel I only get corresponding strings to trigger i.e..channel 1 (high E) channel2 (B string) etc.
Is this normal? I read somewhere you need to boot the controller in a certain fashion to achieve this. It's almost like my controller is "stuck" in poly mode. ( not allowing string or fret splits), I might add that I was sure to set the corresponding VSTs to Mono.
So here are my main issues:

1. In VST, I can only get sound from Synth 1 on the mixer.
2. If I try a fret split using the "blue Synth1" portion of the interface, it splits, but It triggers the sound on Synth1 through the Synth1 channel.
3.( Not as important but still a concern of mine) There seems to be no way to automate or send CC's to the VSTs residing inside the FTP VST. Will there be an update to address this?
I might add that using the Stand-alone editor I don't have these issues. Could it be that Renoise is just not compatible with the FTP software as it stands?
What would be really great is if I could use the Stand-alone and send fret splits on different channels
David Messenger
2013-12-17 03:37:26 UTC
Has anyone successfully been able to generate midi out of any DAW to
drive external synths?
Specifically Live?

Just wondering. If so I might have to retire the Roland...

D. P.
2013-12-18 19:52:49 UTC
Any DAW will send out midi notes via midi, if set up correctly.
Of course the computer operational system has to be able to
manage these output channels too. So if you have troubles with
recognizing midi soft- and hardware, this may be the fault of
your computer.